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Drone Delivery Services

UAE's commitment to innovation fuels a surge in On-Demand Drone Delivery Services. With advanced technology and growing demand, the nation stands at the forefront, reshaping the future of efficient delivery.

Drone Delivery overpasses the traditional delivery methods by providing faster while economical delivery.
Makes it possible for delivery at inaccessible both urban and rural locations in no time.
Scalability of Drone delivery program helps us to build a sustainable and environment friendly community by reducing emissions.
    Ultra light carbon fiber drone
  • UAE's First Approved Drone Delivery Operating Company.
  • Drone Delivery upto a distance of 2 to 5KM operating radius.
  • BVLOS and VLOS Capable delivery missions.
  • Ultra light carbon fiber, impact resistant Delivery Box.
  • Cylindrical, Rectangular Delivery boxes and custom made.
  • Air Drop Release mechanism by Winch and Hook.
  • Parachute Built in System.
  • Drop off, Drop and Return modes of delivery.
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Samples, Critical Parcels.
  • IoT enabled drone delivery.
  • Autonomous and Monitored flights using Delivery SoftwarePlatform.
Engineering Drone Services
At BarqAir, we are specialized in providing Drone based Engineering Services to your business that includes Aerial Survey, LiDAR Mapping, Site Surveys, Construction and Progress Monitoring Reports, Volumetric and Stock Pile Measurements, Topographical and Land Management Surveys, Aerial Inspections Services including visual, thermal and UV based inspection services for your critical infrastructure assets and properties.
Blue Barq drone window
  • Orthomosaic Maps
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM)
  • Contour Maps & Feature Extraction
  • Stock Pile / Volumetric Reports
  • Project / Site Progress Monitoring
  • 3D textured mesh
  • 5x Faster Data Processing
  • Team of GIS Experts
  • Deliverables on Time
  • Multiple software platforms
Drone pilot training
Drone Training And Certification Programs
Our drone training programs are designed and can be customised to address your training and certification needs while ensuring quality, excellent, accuracy and safety.
Using drone remote
Courses Offered
  • RPAS / Commercial Drone Flight Professional
  • Aerial Photogrammetric Survey Professional
  • Aerial LiDAR Mapping Professional
  • Data Analytics and Modeling Specialist
Blue drone available for rent in Dubai